Logandale Estate has been fortunate to obtain the services of Ausguard Pty Ltd for their security requirements.  The Ausguard security team actively assess the safety of residents, guests and properties within the estate.   Adam Lovelock – Manager of Ausguard, ensures his security team respond to and advise residents of any security issues that are of concern, this is achieved by ensuring Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED) techniques are closely monitored and maintained throughout the estate.

Twenty-four hour security camera surveillance is used at the Gatehouse and areas within the Estate, regular patrols throughout the estate are also conducted to further maximise the safety of residents and their property.

Permanent residents are provided with an ID sticker for their vehicle which is updated each year.  Vehicle identification assists security in its role of ensuring the safety of our residents.

Residents are also asked to please remind their visitors when entering the Estate to STOP at the Gatehouse to identify themselves and where they will be going.

Also just a reminder to residents of Logandale, if you are going away (even for a weekend) please leave your details with Security.

Phone Security:  3287 6742 or email: [email protected]