Logandale Residents Ltd. (LRL) is the company formed from owners of properties within Logandale Estate.

The Board of Logandale Residents Ltd. is a group of volunteers elected by members of the company, who manage the Estate and its general running on behalf of the members. In conjunction with Hartley’s Body Corporate Management, the Board manages the financial affairs of the Estate.

The LEVIES payable to Logandale Residents Ltd. fall due on the 1st of January, April, July and October. As from the 1st July 2024, the levies will be $575.00 per quarter, reducing to $529.00 if they are paid on or before the due date. These levies are collected on our behalf by Hartley’s Body Corporate Management who handle all invoicing of payments and queries. If you are an owner in Logandale Lakes in Peninsula Avenue or Huntingdale in Gleneagles Avenue, these levies are collected by their Body Corporate.

Monies collected from the levies paid by residents provide services to the Estate including 24 hour Security, maintenance of the parklands and grounds of the Estate, maintenance of the Residents Facility, pool area and tennis courts and the Gatehouse. The less obvious expenses include electricity for LRL properties, insurances for facilities, rates and land taxes for parklands and grounds, accounting, auditing, registrations and other expenses associated with managing and maintaining the Estate.

Contact details for the board members can be found on the “Contact Us” Page