Entry to Logandale Estate is via Logandale Boulevard. All persons entering the Estate are required to stop at the Gatehouse. The Speed Limit within Logandale Estate is 40kph, unless otherwise stated. Also please remember to be courteous to golf buggies when driving.security1
dogwalkWe have a great community and among this community there are many dog lovers who enjoy exercising with their dogs. Please remember to take a bag to pick up after your pooch and take it home to your bin. Also remember that all dogs need to be on leads in all public areas. Thank you to everyone that already does this as it is very much appreciated by everyone who resides here.

There are LEVIES that are payable to Logandale Residents Ltd (LRL). As from the 1st July 2024, these levies are $575.00 per quarter, reducing to $529.00 if they are paid on or before the due date. These levies fall due on the 1st of January, April, July and October. These levies are collected on behalf of LRL by Hartley’s Body Corporate Management who handle all invoicing of payments and queries. If you are an owner in Logandale Lakes in Peninsula Avenue or Huntingdale in Gleneagles Avenue, these levies are collected by their Bodies Corporate.

Please remember, if you have questions, a query or a complaint please make sure you contact the correct person.  This is done by contacting a Board member  in writing  including your contact details for follow up.  You can also email or hand your letter to Security to be passed onto the appropriate board member. Please see the “Contact Us” link above, for further information regarding contacts.

If you are a new resident in Logandale Estate, welcome to our community.

New owners within the estate will receive an Information Booklet from Hartley’s Body Corporate Management which will provide further information.