Q.   What is Logandale Residents Ltd and what is the connection to Logandale Estate?

A.   Logandale Residents Ltd is a not-for-profit company which was formed by the owners of properties within Logandale Estate.For further information see: Logandale Residents Ltd

Q.   Is Logandale Estate run under a Body Corporate?

A.   No, Logandale Residents Ltd is a company (limited by guarantee).  Hartley’s Body Corporate Management do however, collect fees and handle the invoicing of payments on behalf of the company.   If you still have further questions in this regard please contact: [email protected]

There are however, sections of Logandale Estate which have body corporates, they are: Huntingdale Units (Gleneagles Ave), Logandale Lakes (Peninsula Ave) and The Eighteenth (10 Penina Cct).  Please see Information for prospective purchasers for further information regarding these Body Corporates.

Q.  When I search the internet for “Logandale” or “Logandale Estate” I see a few search results come up.  I also noticed there is a Facebook Group called  “Logandale Estate Community Group” are these all connected?

A.  We have the main website being https://logandaleestate.com.au  and you are here now in the FAQ section.

This website was set up to provide information to the greater community and all residents within Logandale about the estate.  There will be additions to this website from time to time.

There is a closed Facebook Group called “Logandale Estate Community Group” this group was setup for Logandale community announcements and to provide an avenue residents of Logandale to share any news or events. To join this group you need to be a resident of Logandale and ask for approval, once residence is confirmed, you will have access to this group.  This group also gives the community an avenue to ask for help/assistance.

There is also a Logandale Facebay group to allow our community members to buy/sell/trade or give away items within the community.

We also have  an official Facebook Page (not a Group) called “Logandale Estate“. This Facebook Page will also allow us to share updated information with the greater community about Logandale.